Beauty Review: Etude House Brush Shower Cleaner | How I Cleanse My Makeup Brushes

Nicole Cynnie | Etude House Brush Shower Cleaner (Review)

Hello there  not washing your makeup brushes is like the equivalent of not washing your face. 

received a 50ml makeup brush cleanser (a free gift) from Etude House last year. I am not gonna lie, this is, *hands down* by far the best free gift I ever received from cosmetic stores. I usually clean my makeup brushes with dishwashing soap and olive oil before I even knew there was a makeup brush cleaner product in the market. I professed my love for this makeup brush cleanser. 

Beauty Review: NutraChoice CollASTA Jelly (Giveaway)

NutraChoice CollASTA Jelly (Review & Giveaway)

Hi guys  

I've seen a few Hong Kong YouTubers shared their love for jelly snacks that made out of collagen. I went thru most pharmacy outlet in Malaysia looking for one, but I found none. Surprisingly, NutraChoice sent me a month supply of collagen jelly last month! Let me share with you my recent favourite snack, NutraChoice CollASTA Jelly